What you will need BEFORE you apply

The application process is conducted entirely online using a provided template.  No hard copy or email submissions will be accepted.

Please collect all of your information before setting out to complete the application form. We recommend that you collect the answers to the questions below in a word processor and then copy & paste into the online form, rather than trying to compose your application online.

The application will require the following information:

  1. Executive Summary of the Project (50 words).
  2. Project Participants: Who are the participants and what are their roles? Please include role descriptions for students or others whose participation will be funded by the ITIF.
  3. Detailed Project Description (1000 words) including:
    • a) Project Deliverable: Please provide a brief description of the anticipated final product. What is it, and what does it do? (50 words)
    • b) Rationale: Why are you undertaking this project? What specific need will it meet, and how does it intersect with departmental and/or institutional goals?
    • c) Impact: Who will benefit from this project and its product, and how?
    • d) Assessment and Dissemination: How will you measure the success of this project? What are your plans for disseminating and communicating its results?
    • e) Future Plans/Sustainability: What will happen to the project deliverable over the course of the two-year project? What are your plans for sustaining and/or sharing it outside the term of the project?
    • f) Project timeline: Please include REB approval (where applicable), progress reports, and presentation.
  4. Project Budget including:
    • a) The ITIF chart of funds and itemized expenses (direct download link), to be filled in and uploaded as a PDF file
    • b) A budget justification (100 words)
    • c) A description of existing university resources leveraged in support of the project (50 words)
  5. A short bibliography related to the development of the proposal.
  6. A signed letter confirming that secured matched funding is in place and detailing the source must be submitted as a PDF file. This cannot be a letter written by one of the project participants. If the matching funds come from an individual faculty member’s discretionary funds, a letter confirming authorization must be given by the departmental chair or business officer. Where matching funds come from more than one source, a letter of confirmation must be supplied for each source.
  7. Where applicable, indication of approval from the appropriate Research Ethics Board, or confirmation that ethics approval is in process.  Please include the Protocol Reference Number. No funds will be disbursed until approval has been granted.

If you do not require ethics review for your proposal, please indicate this in your submission.

All supporting documents must be provided by uploading the documents through the ITIF website.
Applications will not be considered if they do not follow the above submission guidelines.
  Should you have any questions about the Fund or the Call for Applications please do not hesitate to contact us