Finding Resources

Before setting out on your project proposal, we strongly recommend that you investigate the current state of resources related to your project idea. It may be that someone has already created something similar at UofT, or that you have access to resources that can help you achieve your educational goals – including many that won’t cost you anything.

There are three good places to start:

First, check with your local divisional IT group. These include groups like the Discovery Commons (Medicine), the Education Commons (OISE), IITS (UTSc), the IT and AV groups at UTM, Dentistry and Engineering, CHASS for Arts and Science as well as The Faculty of Arts and Science’s Office of Teaching Technology. If you are unsure on how to reach your local group, please consult with your business officer.

Next, please browse the ACT website for information on central and other resources available to you.

Finally, your subject area librarian and/or local divisional library branch of the UTL can assist you with many aspects of your project proposal design. Over the years, a high percentage of successful ITIF and ITCDF proposals have included collaborations with the Library. If you don’t already have an existing relationship with a librarian, you can start here

IITF adjudicators place a high value on indications that you have sought out existing resources in the design and development of your project proposal (as opposed to re-creating the wheel without first checking what kind of wheels are already available).