ITIF Final Report Template

ITIF (Instructional Technology Innovation Fund) recipients are expected to submit a final report at the end of the two-year funding period (2 years from the receipt of funds, or from the start of their support period). Below is the final report questionnaire that recipients will be asked to complete.

ITIF Final Report (template)

Proposal Title:

Your Name:

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1. What were the main outcomes of the project?
Please describe how you or your students have used or applied the technological innovation in your teaching. Comment on the long term sustainability of your project. If relevant, also explain how the project is aligned with the ongoing objectives of your program, department or division.

2. What were the main successes and challenges?
Please describe any assessment or evaluation you have undertaken related to the implementation of the project or describe what factors you considered in determining whether it was a success. Identify key challenges or barriers to success. Is there anything during the course of this project that you would do differently if you had the opportunity to start it over?

3. Who did you collaborate with?
Please describe any collaborative work related to the project, especially student involvement and cooperation with colleagues at U of T or elsewhere.

4. What types of supports did you use?
Please describe how the project leveraged existing resources (people, institutionally supported tools) and mechanisms, as well as U of T educational technology supports. If applicable, please comment on how your budget was applied: did distribution of costs change, did you exceed the projected budget or did your project get completed under-budget?

5. How did you share or showcase your project?
Please comment on whether the project is shareable, modifiable (for example, through the use of open standards and Creative Commons licensing). Can you think of ways in which the innovation could be used in other disciplines? Are you aware of anyone else who has tried using the same or a similar technology as a result of you sharing your experience? Have you showcased your project (to colleagues or at events such as departmental meetings, conferences, etc.)?

6. Your overall experience with the ITIF award or any additional comments?