ITCDF Recipients 2006 to 2007

Department(s) PI(s) Project Title
A&S – Computer Science


Jennifer Campbell, Greg Wilson Online Grading to Improve the Quality of Feedback on Electronically-Submitted Coursework
A&S – Computer Science


Ron Baecker Innovative Deployment of Webcasting and Audioconferencing for Tri-Campus Education
A&S –

Robotics, Cognitive Science

Jun Luo Robotics Enhancement of Cognitive Science Curriculum
A&S – Chemistry David Stone Multimedia Instructional Materials Suite
A&S – Fine Arts Christy Anderson, Mark Cheetham, George Hawken, Evonne Levy, Sue Loyd, Jenny Purtle, Lisa Steele, Gordon Belray, Peggy Haist, Tammy Moorse uPodcast
Dentistry, Radiation Oncology


Grace Bradley, Deepika Chugh, Joyce Nyhof-Young Computer Assisted Learning for Teaching Oral Pathology to Dental Students
Engineering — Aerospace M.R. Emami Development of Remote Access Aerospace Laboratory for Engineering Science Program
Medicine –Psychiatry Ballon, Bruce MIRAGE: Multiple Interactive Reality Alternates Generated Environment: A computer simulation concept
Medicine – Surgery Tait, Gordon, Wiley, M, Jenkinson, J, Hyman, A Animation of the embryological development of the heart
Medicine – Physical Therapy Hunter, Judith P. Using the newest version of Blackboard academic suite to enable self-directed learning, interactive, individualized learning management of the content specific to “pain” across the physical therapy curriculum
Medicine – Radiation Oncology Nyhof-Young, Johnson, Ian Promoting research excellence: The DOCH 2 website for medical students
Medicine – Division of Academic Computing Hyman, Avi Blackboard Backpack initiative
Medicine – Dept. of Medicine Chow, Chi-Ming, Imrie, K, McIlroy, J Educational Information Technology Summer Student Program
OISE/UT — CTL Elizabeth Smyth Knowledge Building Blocks for Blackboard
OISE/UT – Adult Education and Community Planning; Theory and Policy Studies Karen Mundy Ruth Hayhoe Co-operative Education for Teachers e-Resources

Drama, English, R.E.E.D., Library, Geography


Stephen Johnson, Sally Beth MacLean, Sian Miekle, Byron Moldofsky On the Road Again: An Online Tool for Interactive and Collaborative Theatre History Research
UTM — English and Drama


Holger Schott Syme Shakespeare and the Queen’s Men: Instructional Multimedia DVD and Web Site

Historical Studies, Library, Computing Services


Mohammed Tavakoli-Targhi, Rochelle Mazar, Joe Lim Edublogger: A Blackboard Plug-in
UTSC – Social Sciences Ken MacDonald The Line of Control: Using Multimedia in Diaspora Education

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