ITCDF Recipients 2008 to 2009

Dept/Division PI(s) Project Title
Chemistry(A&S) Andrew Dicks Developing Novel Computational Chemistry Experiments and Research Opportunities for Undergraduates
Cinema Studies(A&S) Angelica Fenner Move Clip Ripping Project
Comp Sci(A&S) Paul Gries, Jennifer Campbell Pictures, Sounds, Videos in Introductory Computer Science
Comp Sci(A&S) Karen Reid, Angela Demke Brown, Andrew Petersen Visualisation Tools for Operating System Internals
ECE(APSE) Bruno Korst Undergraduate Lab Safety Training System
Dentistry(Dentistry) Dorothy McComb Oral Anatomy Online Tooth Atlas
UT Library, et al(Library) Sheril Hook, et al Course Embedded Responsive Learning Objects: Developing Foundational Research Skills & Knowledge
Physiatry(Medicine) Heather MacNeill Bridging the Gap:Development of an online tool to promote Interprofessional Collaboration using the “build-a-case” technique
Anesthesia(Medicine) Massimiliano Meineri Development of a Simulation of Weaning Patients from Cardiopulmonary Bypass
OBGYN(Medicine) Nicolette Caccia Development of a Web-based Course Covering the Basics of Common Problems in the Delivery of Sub-Specialty Care in Paediatric & Adolescent Gynaecology for Obstetrics & Gynaecology Post- Graduate Trainees at the University of Toronto
PGME(Medicine) Denyse Richardson, Susan Takahashi, Erika Abner, Chi-Ming Chow Resident as Collaborative Practitioner: PGME Core Curriculum Web Initiative
PGME(Medicine) Takahashi, Ginsburg, Abner, Chow Resident as Professional
Critical Care(Medicine) Lisa Kenney Virtual Ventilation: The Development of a Simulation of Patients Requiring Respiratory Support with Mechanical Ventilation
Physiology(Medicine) Chris Perumalla Web-Based Interactive Physiology Courses
Initial Teacher Education Program(OISE) Kathy Broad Adaptive Technology – Curriculum Models for Teacher Education
Child Study & Education(OISE) Dale Willows, Rhonda Martinussen Web-Based Multimedia Instructional Modules for Elementary Pre-Service Language and Literacy Courses
Drama(SGS) Stephen Johnson Public Learning and the Integration of History, Theory and Practice in Theatre and Performance Studies
Biomedical Communications(UTM) Marc Dryer, Ike Ahmed 3D Visualization of Microsurgical Techniques: A Training Tool for Ocular Surgical Residents and Fellows
Biology(UTM) Danton O’Day Development of Interactive Web-Based Template Media for Assessing Student Learning
Economics(UTM) Shalini Sharma, Lee Bailey ECOnLife: A Web Magazine for Economics Undergraduates
Chemical & Physical Sciences(UTM) GWK Moore, Ulrich Fekl, Virgis Barzda, John Lester, Jumi Shin Real-Time Teaching Performance and Powerpoint Portability: The Best of Both Worlds for Chemical and Physical Sciences with Digital Ink and Tablet PCs
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