ITIF Recipients 2015

Dept/Division PI(s) Project Title
Nursing Jana Lok Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation

This project will enhance student learning and assessment through the development of a student-directed, technology-enabled, interactive module pertaining to arterial blood gas (ABG) interpretation. The focus of the module will be on powerful assessment: evaluating students‰Ûª understanding and ability to interpret ABGs using a case-based, interactive approach. The module will be embedded within specific skills-based courses in the Undergraduate Nursing, Nurse Practitioner and the Physician Assistant Program. In addition to its assessment purpose, students will also be able to access and review the material throughout their programs.

Pharmacy Miranda So, Leslie Dan

Virtual Interactive Cases for Enhancing Formative Feedback over Routine Tools in Pharmacy Students (VIC-EFFORTS)

We are applying to ITIF to fund the creation of a catalogue of Pharmacy cases using the Virtual Interactive Cases software, adapted to learners of different capabilities. Our goals are to improve development and assessment of Pharmacy Students‰Ûª clinical reasoning skills within the undergraduate curriculum, and during their experiential training.


Nutritional Sciences

Debbie Gurfinkel

Nutritional Sciences: The Researchers & Research Video Series Project

The development of 12 short videos, intended for viewing by medical students and university undergraduates. The videos will feature faculty members of the Department of Nutritional Sciences, responding to the following question: What would you like future health care providers and policy makers to know about your nutrition research?

Astronomy and Astrophysics Michael Reid

Adaptive Formative Assessments for Large Classes

We will produce an adaptive online formative assessment tool for use in large courses. The tool will use Item Response Theory (IRT) and a database of questions categorized by learning goal to create assessments, which adapt in real time to a student’s ability level and areas of greatest confusion.

Earth Sciences Charly Bank

A toolkit to boost active learning of geophysics

A toolkit tailored to course learning outcomes will enable students to visualize, model, process, and analyze geophysical data. It will expand active learning in a lecture-based course (JGA305, jointly offered by ANT and ESS), include real-time data analysis in the companion field course (ESS450), and incorporate hands-on geophysics exercises in an archaeology lab course (ARH312).

Computer and Mathematical Sciences Sohee Kang

Integrated Quizlet for Collaboration (IQC)

This project would create an online Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IF-AT) system, for use in weekly tutorial assessment. The Integrated Quizlet for Collaboration (IQC) would work on any Internet connected device, and would provide improved retention of course materials, and increased student engagement. IQC could be used in a wide variety of courses at the university.

Biological Sciences Dan Riggs

Quizzical 3.0

Quizzical is an on-line, multiple-choice question writing and learning assessment tool. This proposal focuses on enabling full implementation of learning tools interoperability (LTI) code to increase its flexibility, adding optional features to permit an instructor to customize course offerings, and improving image selection and output screens to enhance student user experience.

Mathematical and Computational Sciences Andrew Petersen

Encouraging and Assessing Engagement with Digital Achievements

Digital achievements are an effective tool to motivate engagement, assess and promote effective learning behaviours, and provide instantaneous feedback in online environments [1,4]. Furthermore, achievements can be awarded automatically, saving TA hours. This project will develop and evaluate an achievement system built to work with tools already in use at UofT.

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Elaine Khoo

Vocabulary Expansion Accelerator (VEA) Essentials

Given the many graduates/undergraduates needing Academic English support, VEA empowers students of diverse Academic English proficiencies to directly address their needs in vocabulary, syntax and familiarity with academic writing in their disciplines. VEA functionalities will enhance quality of learning engagement based on multidisciplinary leading edge research on language learning/acquisition.

Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences Edward Margolin

Virtual Interactive Cases for Assessment of Competency in Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning in Ophthalmology Residents

There has been a recent emphasis on the assessment of competence in medical education, but few tools are available to meet this need. This project will use the Virtual Interactive Case (VIC) system to develop online cases to assess competence in clinical diagnostic reasoning for residents in Ophthalmology.

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