Q: In the details page you have the following: “A strong evaluative component is expected in each project and the outcomes should be of publishable quality.” Can you clarify what precisely you mean by this? Is it expected that we will write an evaluation of the project which would, e.g., be publishable in a pedagogical journal? Or by contrast, is it expected that the student-faculty interactions fostered by the project will themselves result in works of publishable in our own fields?

A: The answer to the evaluative component question is either/both. Essentially, the committee will be looking for evidence in the proposal that the person/team intends to write about their project, either an evaluation of the project itself, or the results of a study that emerge from the project. Even though we would like people to see this as more than just a development project, please keep in mind that this is an innovation grant, not a research grant, so the focus should be on the project, but having an evaluative component to the proposal will enhance its chances of success. (Reminder, if you intend to ‘study’ the project, we strongly recommend consulting with Research Services regarding ethical approvals!)

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