ITIF Recipients 2016


Dept/Division PI(s) Project Title
Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education (OISE) Sherida Ryan Collaborative Online Design for Adult Education

In this project, the Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education will be converting several courses to a hybrid model by first developing a standard framework and then building out the necessary resources. 

University of Toronto Libraries (Downtown and UTSC)

Heather Buchansky and Sarah Fedko

Undergraduate Information Literacy Modules

 In this project, Librarians will be working with instructors on the development of online information literacy modules  for Arts and Science undergraduate courses, including pilots in Art History and Social Psychology.

 Dentistry (Downtown)

Laura Dempster

Enhancing Dental Students’ Communication Skills Using an Integrated Online Formative Assessment Module

This project will incorporate student video review and benchmark videos in an online interactive formative assessment module to enhance student-directed learning and self-assessment of communication skills in clinical patient scenarios.

Chemical and Physical Sciences (UTM)

Lindsay Schoenbohn

Virtual field trips: enhancing student 3-D visualization and access to geological field sites

The project team will be generating a digital map of a site on Manitoulin Island. The immediate impact of this project will be to bring the field into the classroom, especially for students who may not enrol in the field camp courses because of economic constraints or physical disabilities. The project will also support the teaching of 3-D visualization in upper year courses. The long-term impact of this project will be capacity building for the use of 3-D visualization across the department.

Pharmacy (Downtown)

Certina Ho

A Multimedia Resource for Health Professional Students on Providing Safe and Quality Patient Care

The unsafe use of medications can place patients’ health at risk and great financial burden on the health care system. More medication safety education components need to be integrated into our current health professional curriculum. This multimedia medication safety resource will be available for students’ self-directed learning.

Philosophy (Downtown)

Alex Koo

Online Course Materials for Modern Symbolic Logic Courses

MSL is a technical course which attracts a large number of students from mathematics and computer science. As such, the background knowledge of students ranges dramatically. This project will create online video lectures and resources based on student feedback. 

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